Vector basics

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Learn the basics of vectors, like that a vector has both magnitude and direction.

Introduction to vectors and scalars

VIDEO 8:39 minutes
Distance, displacement, speed and velocity. Difference between vectors and scalars.

Recognizing vectors

VIDEO 2:36 minutes
Watch Sal figure out which of a few options could be represented by a vector. Remember that vectors have both magnitude and direction!

Recognizing vectors practice

Try two questions that make sure you understand that vectors have magnitude and direction.

Example: Equivalent vectors

VIDEO 6:37 minutes
Sal determines if two vectors shown on a graph are equivalent by seeing if they have the same magnitude and direction.

Equivalent vectors

Determine if two vectors shown on a graph are equivalent.

Example 1: Components of vectors

VIDEO 3:18 minutes
Sal finds the x and y-components of a vector given its graph.

Example 2: Components of vectors

VIDEO 2:55 minutes
Sal figures out which vectors have the same x-component given the graphs of 4 different vectors.

Components of vectors

Find the components of a vector.