Infinite geometric series

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You're already familiar with finite geometric series, but you don't want the summation to stop!! What happens if you keep adding? The terms are getting small fast! Can it be that the sum of an infinite number of rapidly shrinking terms can be finite! Yes, often times it can! Mind-blowing! Stupendous!

Another derivation of the sum of an infinite geometric series

VIDEO 4:46 minutes
Sal applies limits to the formula for the sum of a finite geometric series to get the sum of an infinite geometric series.

Examples: Converging and diverging geometric series

VIDEO 4:16 minutes
Sal looks at three different infinite geometric series and determines if each of them converges or diverges.

Is this infinite geometric series convergent or divergent?

Given an infinite geometric series, can you determine if it converges or diverges?

Evaluating infinite geometric series

Find the sum of an infinite geometric series, but only if it converges!