Probability using combinatorics

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This tutorial will apply the permutation and combination tools you learned in the last tutorial to problems of probability. You'll finally learn that there may be better "investments" than poring all your money into the Powerball Lottery.

Probability using combinations

VIDEO 9:10 minutes
Probability of getting exactly 3 heads in 8 flips of a fair coin.

Probability & combinations (2 of 2)

VIDEO 10:36 minutes
Making at least 3 out of 5 free throws.

Probability with counting outcomes

VIDEO 2:09 minutes
The probability of getting exactly 2 heads when flipping three coins. Thinking about this by visualy depicting all of the outcomes.

Getting exactly two heads (combinatorics)

VIDEO 10:00 minutes
A different way to think about the probability of getting 2 heads in 4 flips

Exactly three heads in five flips

VIDEO 6:51 minutes
Probability of exactly 3 heads in 5 flips using combinations

Generalizing with binomial coefficients (bit advanced)

VIDEO 11:40 minutes
Conceptual understanding of where the formula for binomial coefficients come from

Example: Different ways to pick officers

VIDEO 2:23 minutes
Thinking about the different ways we can pick officers in order to find the probability of one situation in particular.

Example: Combinatorics and probability

VIDEO 10:51 minutes
Probability of getting a set of cards

Example: Lottery probability

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
What is the probability of winning a 4-number lottery?

Probability with permutations and combinations

Probability questions using permutations and combinations of objects

Mega millions jackpot probability

VIDEO 5:30 minutes
Probability of winning the Mega Millions jackpot

Birthday probability problem

VIDEO 13:16 minutes
The probability that at least 2 people in a room of 30 share the same birthday.