Probability explained

VIDEO 8:18 minutes
We give you an introduction to probability through the example of flipping a quarter and rolling a die.

Finding probablity example

VIDEO 2:56 minutes
In order to find the probability of picking a yellow marble from a bag, we have to first determine the number of possible outcomes and how then many of them meet our constraints.

Finding probablity example 2

VIDEO 9:56 minutes
In this example we are figuring out the probability of randomly picking a non-blue marble from a bag. Again, we'll have to think about the possible outcomes first.

Finding probablity example 3

VIDEO 2:11 minutes
Now we're working out the probability of randomly selecting a yellow marble from a bag of multi-colored marbles. Let's practice together.

Simple probability

Practice finding probabilities of events, such as rolling dice, drawing marbles out of a bag, and spinning spinners.