Analyzing the matrix arithmetic operations

4 videos
Learn about properties of matrix addition and multiplication, like commutativity, the associative property, and the distributive property.

Dimension considerations in matrix operations

VIDEO 3:32 minutes
Sal discusses the conditions of matrix dimensions for which addition or multiplication are defined.

Is matrix multiplication commutative?

VIDEO 7:32 minutes
Sal checks whether the commutative property applies for matrix multiplication. In other words, he checks whether for any two matrices A and B, A*B=B*A (the answer is NO, by the way).

Associative property of matrix multiplication

VIDEO 8:37 minutes
Sal shows that matrix multiplication is associative. Mathematically, this means that for any three matrices A, B, and C, (A*B)*C=A*(B*C).

Finding equivalent matrix expressions using properties of matrix operations

VIDEO 3:30 minutes
Sal determines which of a few optional matrix expressions is equivalent to the matrix expression A*B*C. This is done using what we know about the properties of matrix addition and multiplication.