Learn what matrices are and about their various uses: solving systems of equations, transforming shapes and vectors, and representing real-world situations. Learn how to add, subtract, and multiply matrices, and find the inverses of matrices.

Representing linear systems of equations with augmented matrices

Learn how systems of linear equations with multiple variables are represented with matrices.

Row-echelon form and Gaussian elimination

Learn how to use the matrix row operations in order to easily solve large systems of linear equations.

Properties of matrix multiplication

Learn about identity matrices and about how matrix multiplication relates to real number multiplication (spoiler: the distributive property applies but the commutative property does not!).

The determinant of a 2x2 matrix

Learn what the determinant of a matrix is and how to find it for 2x2 matrices.

Finding the inverse of a matrix using its determinant

Learn about a way to find the inverse of a matrix using its determinant and adjuagates.

Practice finding the inverses of 2x2 matrices

After you've learned how to find the inverse of a 2x2 matrix, gain some practice with it.