Metric system

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You might be surprised to realize that only two countries in the world use feet, miles, or yards or a bunch of other "English System" conventions (the irony being that the English don't even use the "English System" any more). Everyone else, including the English, now use the metric system which is actually much more logical. Learn about kilo and milli and centi and become a metric unit megastar!

Unit conversion within the metric system

VIDEO 9:16 minutes
Metric unit conversion

Converting within the metric system

VIDEO 4:42 minutes
Converting within the metric system

Perimeter and unit conversion

VIDEO 6:13 minutes
Perimeter and Unit Conversion

Applying the metric system

VIDEO 5:43 minutes
U06_L2_T3_we1 Applying the Metric System

Conversion between metric units

VIDEO 5:16 minutes
Conversion between metric units

U.S. customary and metric units

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
U.S. Customary and Metric units