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graph X is less than 4 so let's draw ourselves a number line over here so let me draw a number line let me put I'll start here at 0 so 0 1 2 3 4 5 and we could go below 0 we'd have negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 negative 4 I could keep going now we want we want to graph all of the X's that are less than 4 but we're not including 4 it's not less than or equal to 4 it's just less than 4 and to show that we're not going to include 4 what we're going to do is we're going to draw a circle around 4 so this shows us that we're not including 4 if we were including 4 I would make that a solid dot and to show that we're going to do all of the values less than 4 we want to shade in the number line below 4 going down from 4 just like that just like that and then we can just shade in the arrow just like that so this right here is all of the values less than 4 and you could test it out take any value where there is blue so there's blue over here negative 2 negative 2 is definitely negative 2 is definitely less than 4 if you take this value right here this 2 it's definitely less than 4 4 is not included because 4 is not less than 4 it's equal to 4 5 is not included because 5 is not less than 4