Associative property of multiplication review

Review the basics of the associative property of multiplication, and try some practice problems.

What is the associative property?

The associative property is a math rule that says that the way in which factors are grouped in a multiplication problem does not change the product.
5, times, 4, times, 2
Let's start by grouping the start color blueD, 5, end color blueD and the start color blueD, 4, end color blueD together. We can evaluate the expression step by step.
empty space, left parenthesis, start color blueD, 5, times, 4, end color blueD, right parenthesis, times, 2
equals, start color blueD, 20, end color blueD, times, 2
equals, 40
Now let's group the start color purpleD, 4, end color purpleD and the start color purpleD, 2, end color purpleD together.
empty space, 5, times, left parenthesis, start color purpleD, 4, times, 2, end color purpleD, right parenthesis
equals, 5, times, start color purpleD, 8, end color purpleD
equals, 40
Regrouping does not change the answer!
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Problem 1
Which expressions are equivalent to start color blueD, left parenthesis, 9, times, 2, right parenthesis, times, 5, end color blueD ?
Choose all answers that apply:
Choose all answers that apply:

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