Rounding whole numbers

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If you're looking to create an army of robot dogs, will it really make a difference if you have 10,300 dogs, 9,997 dogs or 10,005 dogs? Probably not. All you really care about is how many dogs you have to, say, the nearest thousand (10,000 dogs). In this tutorial, you'll learn about conventions for rounding whole numbers. Very useful when you might not need to (or cannot) be completely precise.

Rounding whole numbers example 1

VIDEO 4:23 minutes
Here's a whole numbers rounding exercise. Let's do this example together.

Rounding whole numbers example 2

VIDEO 2:28 minutes
Another rounding exercise using whole numbers. Having fun yet? We are!

Rounding whole numbers 3

VIDEO 1:04 minutes
You're becoming a pro at rounding whole numbers. Here's another example exercise. Can you do it first before watching the end of the video?

Rounding whole numbers

Practice rounding whole numbers to the nearest hundred or thousand.