Regrouping whole numbers

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Regrouping involves taking value from one place and giving it to another. It is a great way to make sure you understand place value. It is also super useful when subtracting multi-digit numbers (the process is often called "borrowing" even though you never really "pay back" the value taken from one place and given to another).

Regrouping whole numbers

VIDEO 4:23 minutes
A number like 675 is really an addition problem. Each place value is added together to form the sum (the number). If we regroup the numbers thereby changing the individual place values, we still don't change the outcome. It's still the ...

Regrouping whole numbers example 1

VIDEO 2:42 minutes
This example problem gets the ole noggin working. We're regrouping numbers and having to determine how each place value shakes out.

Regrouping whole numbers example 2

VIDEO 1:19 minutes
Let's work this example together. It will make clear the whole idea of regrouping whole numbers.

Regrouping whole numbers

Regroup numbers in each place value (e.g., regroup 1 ten as 10 ones) to express whole numbers in different ways.