Regrouping whole numbers

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Regrouping involves taking value from one place and giving it to another. It is a great way to make sure you understand place value. It is also super useful when subtracting multi-digit numbers (the process is often called "borrowing" even though you never really "pay back" the value taken from one place and given to another).

Regrouping whole numbers: 675

VIDEO 4:23 minutes
Sal regroups 675 into various addition problems.

Regrouping whole numbers: 72,830

VIDEO 2:42 minutes
Sal regroups 72,830 by its place values.

Regrouping whole numbers: 430

VIDEO 1:19 minutes
Sal regroups 430 five different ways.

Regroup whole numbers

Regroup numbers in each place value (e.g., regroup 1 ten as 10 ones) to express whole numbers in different ways.