Arithmetic properties

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2 + 3 = 3 + 2, 6 x 4 = 4 x 6. Adding zero to a number does not change the number. Likewise, multiplying a number by 1 does not change it. You may already know these things from working through other tutorials, but some people (not us) like to give these properties names that sound far more complicated than the property themselves. This tutorial (which we're not a fan of), is here just in case you're asked to identify the "Commutative Law of Multiplication". We believe the important thing isn't the fancy label, but the underlying idea (which isn't that fancy).

Commutative law of addition

VIDEO 1:40 minutes
Commutative Law of Addition

Commutative property for addition

VIDEO 3:23 minutes
Commutative Property for Addition

Commutative law of multiplication

VIDEO 1:48 minutes
Commutative Law of Multiplication

Associative law of addition

VIDEO 2:10 minutes
Associative Law of Addition

Associative law of multiplication

VIDEO 2:15 minutes
Associative Law of Multiplication

CA Algebra I: Number properties and absolute value

VIDEO 12:02 minutes
1-7, number properties and absolute value equations

Properties of numbers 1

VIDEO 2:03 minutes

Identity property of 1

VIDEO 1:24 minutes
Identity Property of 1

Identity property of 1 (second example)

VIDEO 1:55 minutes
Identity property of 1

Identity property of 0

VIDEO 4:46 minutes
Identity property of 0

Inverse property of addition

VIDEO 2:59 minutes
The simple idea that a number plus its negative is 0

Inverse property of multiplication

VIDEO 3:17 minutes
Simple idea that multiplying by a numbers multiplicative inverse gets you back to one

Properties of numbers 2

VIDEO 1:52 minutes