Volume of a box or rectangular prism

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Volume measures how much 3-dimensional "space" an object takes up. We'll see in this tutorial that it is an extension of length (1-D) or area (2-D) to three dimensions!

Volume: how to measure it

VIDEO 7:51 minutes
Volume is a measurement in the 3rd dimension. This means that it not only has width and height, but it has depth as well. Let's watch this video in which we get a great explanation of how we measure volume.

Volume: measuring with unit cubes

VIDEO 2:13 minutes
Volume is usually measured in cubic feet (or inches, or centimeters, etc). Let's practice counting cubic feet in order to find the volume.

Volume with unit cubes 1

Find volume of three-dimensional figures by counting unit cubes.

Volume: measuring as area times length

VIDEO 7:22 minutes
Sometimes, we can't just count the number of cubes to find the volume because there are too many. In those situations, you need another way of measuring volume. This video gives you the solution.

Volume of a rectangular prism or box examples

VIDEO 1:59 minutes
Let's do some example problems together in which we use the area times length formula for finding volume.

Volume 1

Find volume of a rectangular prism with labeled sides. Find a missing side length on a rectangular prism when given the volume.

Volume word problem

VIDEO 4:40 minutes
Perhaps you've noticed that after teaching you the concept and doing a few example problems together, we always like to throw you a word problem in which you have to apply what you've learned. So here let's find the volume!

Volume word problems

Find volume of rectangular prisms to solve word problems.