Area basics

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Area is how we thinking about how much space something takes in two dimensions such as comparing how much land one property takes up versus another. In this tutorial, we'll take a conceptual look at how area is actually measured (especially for rectangles).

Introduction to area and unit squares

VIDEO 4:17 minutes
Cover figures with square units to find their area.

Measuring the same rectangle with different unit squares

VIDEO 3:44 minutes
Find area of a rectangle with different sized units.

Rectangle area as product of dimensions same as counting unit squares

VIDEO 5:20 minutes
Use unit squares to see why multiplying side-lengths can also find the area of rectangles.

Measuring area with unit squares

Count unit squares to find the area of shapes. Some shapes will require combining partial square units to find area.

Area problems

Find the area of rectangles and squares when given side lengths. Find the side length of a square when given the area.

Area of rectangles and the distributive property

VIDEO 3:49 minutes
Use the distributive property to find area of rectangles.

Comparing areas of plots of land

VIDEO 2:46 minutes
Find area of two rectangles to solve a word problem.

Calculating the square footage of a house

VIDEO 6:04 minutes
Decompose an irregular shape to find area of entire figure.