Understanding fractions

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If you don't understand fractions, you won't be even 1/3 educated. Glasses will seem half empty rather than half full. You'll be lucky to not be duped into some type of shady real-estate scheme or putting far too many eggs in your cake batter. Good thing this tutorial is here. You'll see that fractions allow us to view the world in entirely new ways. You'll see that everything doesn't have to be a whole. You'll be able to slice and dice and then put it all back together (and if you order now, we'll throw in a spatula warmer for no extra charge).

Identifying fraction parts

VIDEO 2:47 minutes
Identifying Fraction Parts

Recognizing fractions 1

Identify the fraction of a whole that is shaded.

Numerator and denominator of a fraction

VIDEO 2:31 minutes
Learn what the numerator of a fraction is. Also learn what the denominator of a fraction is.

Identifying numerators and denominators

Practice identifying numerators and denominators in fractions.

Fractions on the number line

Plot and spot fractions on the number line.