Multiplying fractions

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What is 2/3 of 2/3? If 4/7 of the class are boys, how many boys are there? Multiplying fractions is not only super-useful, but super-fun as well.

Multiplying unit fractions and whole numbers

VIDEO 3:08 minutes
Don't let multiplying whole numbers and fractions get you down. We got this. This explanation will help you become a pro.

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers

Practice multiplying a whole number times a fraction.

Multiplying two fractions: an explanation

VIDEO 5:06 minutes
This video will help you think about what it means to multiply two fractions. By drawing the problem and "seeing" the answer, you'll better understand how we arrived at it.

Multiplying two fractions: example

VIDEO 2:26 minutes
Let's practice multiplying two fractions together. We'll learn to simplify the answer, too.

Multiplying fractions

Practice multiplying two fractions.

Multiplying negative and positive fractions

VIDEO 4:33 minutes
See examples of multiplying and dividing fractions with negative numbers.

Multiplying positive and negative fractions

Practice multiplying fractions. Fractions in these problems may be positive or negative.

Seeing multiplication as scaling with fractions

VIDEO 5:06 minutes
Learn how to compare the following expressions by thinking about multiplication as scaling: 2/3 x 7/8, 8/7 x 2/3, and (5x2)/(3x5)

Fraction multiplication as scaling

Interpret how multiplying by a fraction greater or less than 1 affects the product.