Greatest common divisor

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You know how to find factors of a number. But what about factors that are common to two numbers? Even better, imagine the largest factors that are common to two numbers. I know. Too exciting!

Greatest common factor exercise

VIDEO 6:50 minutes
Find the biggest number that will divide into the given 2 numbers. This is called the GCF or greatest common factor.No worries, we'll show you how to do it.

Greatest common factor explained

VIDEO 6:18 minutes
Here's a nice explanation of least common factor (or least common divisor) along with a few practice example exercises. Let's roll.

Find the greatest common factor of two (or three) integers

Given two or three integers, find the greatest integer that is a factor of all of the given integers.

LCM and GCF word problems

VIDEO 8:34 minutes
Here we have a couple of word problems--one searching for the least common multiple and the other for the greatest common factor. Just read them with us slowly and follow along. You'll get it.

GCF and LCM word problems