The world of exponents

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Addition was nice. Multiplication was cooler. In the mood for a new operation that grows numbers even faster? Ever felt like expressing repeated multiplication with less writing? Ever wanted to describe how most things in the universe grow and shrink? Well, exponents are your answer! This tutorial covers everything from basic exponents to negative and fractional ones. It assumes you remember your multiplication, negative numbers and fractions.

Exponentiation warmup

VIDEO 5:25 minutes
introduction to exponents and exponential growth

Intro to exponents

VIDEO 3:03 minutes
Taking an exponent is basically the act of repeated multiplication. You know how to multiply, right? If so, understanding exponents is completely within your grasp!

Exponent example 1

VIDEO 1:15 minutes

Exponent example 2

VIDEO 1:55 minutes


Practice taking exponents of whole numbers. All exponents in these problems are either positive or zero.

The 0 & 1st power

VIDEO 5:07 minutes
Discover a pattern that explains why any non-zero number to the zero power equals one.

1 and -1 to different powers

VIDEO 6:08 minutes
Use odd and even rules to determine the sign of an exponential expression.

Powers of fractions

VIDEO 1:47 minutes
Just like whole numbers with exponents, fractions are repeatedly multiplied. If you know how to multiply factions, you're over half way there.

Powers of zero

VIDEO 4:15 minutes
Any non-zero number to the zero power equals one. Zero to any positive exponent equals zero. So, what happens when you have zero to the zero power?