Scientific notation

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Scientists and engineers often have to deal with super huge (like 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) and super small numbers (like 0.0000000000532) . How can they do this without tiring their hands out? How can they look at a number and understand how large or small it is without counting the digits? The answer is to use scientific notation. If you come to this tutorial with a basic understanding of positive and negative exponents, it should leave you with a new appreciation for representing really huge and really small numbers!

Introduction to scientific notation

VIDEO 20:48 minutes
Introduction to scientific notation. An in-depth discussion about why and how scientific notation is used.

Scientific notation examples

VIDEO 11:26 minutes
Learn how to solve a variety of scientific notation problems.

Scientific notation examples

VIDEO 12:49 minutes
More scientific notation examples

Scientific notation example: 0.0000000003457

VIDEO 4:12 minutes
Can you imagine if you had to do calculations with very, very small numbers? How would you handle all those zeros to the right of the decimal? Thank goodness for scientific notation!

Multiplying in scientific notation example

VIDEO 5:23 minutes
Learn how to solve a multiplication problem using scientific notation: (9.1 * 10^6)(3.2 * 10^-5)

Scientific notation

Practice expressing numbers in scientific notation.