Greater than and less than basics

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Equality is usually a good thing, but the world is not a perfect place. No matter how hard we try, we can't help but compare one thing to another and realize how unequal they may be. This tutorial gives you the tools to do these comparisons in the mathematical world (which we call inequalities). You'll become familiar with the "greater than" and "less than symbols" and learn to use them.

Greater than and less than symbols

VIDEO 5:04 minutes
Sal introduces the greater than symbol ">" and the less than symbol "<".

Compare 2-digit numbers

Practice comparing numbers (within 100) using the symbols , and =.

Plotting inequalities

VIDEO 6:14 minutes
Learn how to graph an inequality on a number line to indicate which values make it true.

Inequality word problems

VIDEO 3:28 minutes
We're writing inequalities by using information from the word problems. Woohoo!

Writing numerical inequalities

Practice writing inequalities to describe real-world situations.

Inequality word problem: one variable

VIDEO 2:27 minutes
This time we're creating a variable to represent a number, and then writing an inequality. We're building on our knowledge.

Inequalities word problems

Practice writing inequalities with variables to describe real-world situations.

Plotting an inequality example

VIDEO 1:34 minutes
Learn how to plot a simple inequality on a number line. The example used in this video is x < 4.

Plotting inequalities

Create number line graphs of inequalities.