Cross topic arithmetic

4 videos
You've probably been learning how to do arithmetic for some time and feel pretty good about it. This tutorial will make you feel even better once by showing you a bunch of examples of where it can be applied (using multiple skills at a time). Get through the exercises here and you really are an arithmetic rock star!

Rational number word problem: ice

VIDEO 3:21 minutes
Word problems force us to put concepts to work using real-world applications. In this example, determine the volume of frozen water and express the answer as a fraction.

Rational number word problem: computers

VIDEO 2:33 minutes
In this word problem, we'll compare the weight of two objects using a ratio of integers. We'll practice simplifying a fraction, too.

Rational number word problem: stock

VIDEO 4:08 minutes
Use your knowledge of proportions and fractions to determine shareholders profit in this word problem.

Rational number word problem: checking account

VIDEO 3:15 minutes
Your checking account is overdrawn. Not good. Use your knowledge of decimals and adding negative and positive numbers to bring your account back into the black.