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Green's theorem

4 videos
It is sometimes easier to take a double integral (a particular double integral as we'll see) over a region and sometimes easier to take a line integral around the boundary. Green's theorem draws the connection between the two so we can go back and forth. This tutorial proves Green's theorem and then gives a few examples of using it. If you can take line integrals through vector fields, you're ready for Mr. Green.

Green's theorem proof part 1

VIDEO 14:26 minutes
Part 1 of the proof of Green's Theorem

Green's theorem proof (part 2)

VIDEO 19:26 minutes
Part 2 of the proof of Green's Theorem

Green's theorem example 1

VIDEO 10:31 minutes
Using Green's Theorem to solve a line integral of a vector field

Green's theorem example 2

VIDEO 7:07 minutes
Another example applying Green's Theorem