Divergence theorem (3D)

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An earlier tutorial used Green's theorem to prove the divergence theorem in 2-D, this tutorial gives us the 3-D version (what most people are talking about when they refer to the "divergence theorem"). We will get an intuition for it (that the flux through a close surface--like a balloon--should be equal to the divergence across it's volume). We will use it in examples. We will prove it in another tutorial.

3D divergence theorem intuition

VIDEO 9:14 minutes
Intuition behind the Divergence Theorem in three dimensions

Divergence theorem example 1

VIDEO 10:45 minutes
Example of calculating the flux across a surface by using the Divergence Theorem

Why we got zero flux in divergence theorem example 1

VIDEO 3:34 minutes
Intuition as to why we go no net flux in the last worked example