Multivariable calculus

Think calculus. Then think algebra II and working with two variables in a single equation. Now generalize and combine these two mathematical concepts, and you begin to see some of what Multivariable calculus entails, only now include multi dimensional thinking. Typical concepts or operations may include: limits and continuity, partial differentiation, multiple integration, scalar functions, and fundamental theorem of calculus in multiple dimensions.
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Double and triple integrals

Volume under a surface with double integrals. Triple integrals as well.
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Double integrals

A single definite integral can be used to find the area under a curve. with double integrals, we can start thinking about the volume under a surface!

Triple integrals

This is about as many integrals we can use before our brains explode. Now we can sum variable quantities in three-dimensions (what is the mass of a 3-D wacky object that has variable density)!