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Intro to lakhs and crores

You probably know that lakhs and crores are big numbers. How big are they really? How many 1000 INR notes to do you need to have 1 Lakh? How many do you need to have 1 Crore? Created by Aanand Srinivas.

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Video transcript

so you may have heard of a lack this word a lack you you'da seen maybe that something costs some lux maybe it's a car maybe it's a house and then you may have seen something costing crores sometimes these very big houses cost crores and then you know that these are big numbers right but if I ask you how big are they really how big are they for example in comparison to some number like thousand that wasn't is a it's a big number but a lakh is a much bigger number but how bigger how much bigger is it really so if I for example ask you hey give me one lakh but then give it to me in thousand rupee notes then how many thousand rupee notes do I give to make it 1 lakh let's look at answers to questions like these and to begin let's see the numbers that are not so big like this is a hundred and then if I do this if I had three zeros and get a four digit number that's a thousand and that's the thousand and then if I have one two three four four zeros then this is basically thousand multiplied by ten right take three zeros thousand multiplied by ten you get ten thousand and that's what we call this 10 times thousand or just ten thousand let's say I write it like this 10 ten thousand I have no idea why only the ten is capitalized but yeah ten thousand and then now let's take this even further if I make this one zero zero zero zero there are four zeros plus one more zero so this is my first six digit number oh this is a big number so what is this really it's thousand multiplied by ten so I'm just gonna put a multiplied by ten sign over here to get ten thousand multiply it by another ten to get this right so it's ten thousand multiplied by ten so ten times ten thousand or a hundred thousand right I can call this a hundred thousand it so happens that in our Indian system we call this one one lakh one luck so one lag is basically this number one followed by one two three four five zeros now we already have the answer to the question that we are looking for which is if I have to pay in thousand rupee notes then how many thousand rupee notes will I give to give to get one lakh rupees so you go to the bank and then you withdraw one lakh rupees and you want to check if this is correct then how many thousand rupee notes are there you know their INR I'll probably put INR over how many such notes and to do that you can just look here and you can see that thousand multiplied by 10 gives you ten thousand and then ten thousand multiplied by another ten gives you one lakh so to go from thousand to a lakh you have to multiply by 10 twice which is just 110 times 10 so you will need a hundred hundred thousand rupee notes so maybe this is the note this is how the note looks like let's say then you need a hundred of these to get one lakh rupees now we could go bigger than this so if I were to say what what happens if I take this number and multiply it by by ten then you'll get one zero zero zero zero zero zero have i drawn at one two three four five and then one two three four five six here right and what is this this number is what we call say it's a lakh multiplied by 10 so you can guess what the name could be right in this case we call this 10 lakhs so a thousand ten thousand one lakh 10 lakhs and just so that we don't leave out a poor or a hundred over we'll just call this as well this is a hundred so one hundred thousand ten thousand one lakh 10 lakhs you keep multiplying by 10 to get to the next number so now there are a few more questions we can ask if you wanted to give 10 lakh rupees to somebody then how many thousand rupee notes do you need take a couple of minutes think about it on your own do exactly what we did over here and you can get the answer and if you did that you don't notice that to get 10 lakh rupees you actually need 10 times 10 times 10 or thousand you need thousand thousand rupee notes so if you get a thousand rupee note and then you get thousand of those then you have 10 lakh rupees now another question you can think about is that if this so happens this Bank is like pretty crazy and if they give this to you in hundred rupee notes so if they give you 1 lakh in hundred rupee notes then how many hundreds do we need think about that question so now you know exactly how big a lakh is it is a hundred times a thousand so take a thousand make it a hundred times bigger then you get a lakh or you take a hundred and make it a thousand times bigger because you get 10 times 10 times 10 so 100 rupees taken thousand times a thousand hundred rupee notes gives you 1 lakh rupees again and you can keep playing this game I'm just picking one thing here you know picking one of the combinations so you can pick whatever you want to so now that you know these numbers what about this guy you probably know that a crore is much bigger than a lakh but how big is it really so let's do that let's actually take the numbers I've been very left off which was one zero zero zero zero this was ten thousand this was a lakh lakh so one followed by five zeros is a lakh one followed by six zeros is 10 lakhs and this is what we call them in India in the International System we call this a million and you will learn about this in the next set of videos but for now you just can take this as 10 lakhs and then you have and I'm gonna write this in like nice big letters 1 2 3 4 5 6 like one followed by a seven zero so this is my first eight digit number this is a big number eight digit digit yeah so you have one followed by seven zeroes and this is what we call one crore why am I putting a box around it because this is the largest number that we have in the Indian system so there is no more new names to learn that's a good thing right so you learned hundred then you learn 2,000 then you learnt 10,000 and then of course a lakh and then now it's a crore and that's it anything more it'll just be ten crores 100 crores thousand crores maybe even a lakh crores but you don't have a new name after this so looking at this what can you see you can see that I will take this color yeah let's take white then you can see that to go from lakh to 10 lakhs I multiplied by 10 and then to go from 10 lakhs to a crore I multiply by another 10 so how big is a crore really a crore 1 crore is equal to a hundred lakhs that's a hundred lakhs so ik lor is a hundred times bigger than a lakh which in turn is a hundred times bigger than a thousand so hundred thousands give you a lakh this is actually I mean I think the way I've written it is confusing so I'm gonna take this down so I'm gonna write one lakh equals a hundred thousand so one crore equals 100 lakhs one lakh equals one hundred thousand so now I'm gonna ask you a question that I'm tempted to ask now that you know how big a crore is how big a lacus in terms of numbers that you're already familiar with like thousand and hundred then ask you somebody has to give you one crore rupees right and they decide to give it to you in thousand rupee notes then how many thousand rupee notes will they give you it'll take a long time for you to count but how many will they give you you can do that by looking at okay hundred thousands make one lakh and I need hundred lakhs to make one crore so I have to take hundred thousand rupee notes and then have hundred of them so 100 times 100 so you're gonna get one crore will be one glory quills a hundred from here and another hundred from here maybe I can even 100 lakhs and each of those lakhs have a hundred thousand in them so one more 0-0 thousand rupee notes so let's maybe these are a thousand rupee notes that's how they look there's a thousand written on them so you have ten thousand of these and then that means that you have one crore rupees so I hope that you have a good intuition now for how big crore is and how big a lakh is and how they compare to smaller numbers like thousands and hundreds