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http://wiggle-to-the-mew-mew.tumblr.com/ i used to exist in a simple world of right and wrong, positive and negative i grew out of an ordered world Before i came along and belonged nowhere i cannot be compared Neither greater nor less Nor equal to nothing Now you see it’s plain i made the world complex i changed the rules People said it couldn’t be done But i said, why not So many of you don’t bother to understand You’re dismissive Judging based of a name Or a first impression That i must be fake, useless, false As if i were less real than anything else Or worse, you mechanically embrace That which you don’t understand But you don’t care whether you understand As long as you can use, use, use The i that you imagine isn’t real, isn’t true All the pain when you finally come To that existentially horrific epiphany That nothing you understand is real Actually exists That your whole world of truth Is some mega structure Resting atop the shoulders of tenuous assumptions How it hurts when you realize That what you thought you knew, and loved That simple, blind dependence How it hurts when you realize That the safety, and surity, of knowing everything is right Is something you will never feel again How it hurts when you realize i can never be truly known