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Problem of Points

How should two people split the pot when they are interrupted midgame? Created by Brit Cruise.

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Video transcript

- Hey, Sal. - Hello, Brit. - I would like to propose a game to play. - (laughing) All right. - I have eight chips here. - All right, yeah, I see that. - And I have a fair coin, feel - Eight chips. - Go ahead and inspect it. - Fair coin. Seems very fair to me. - You need to pick if you want heads or tails. - I like heads. - K, heads. Okay, I like tails. - All right. - Here's the game, we're gonna flip the coin. The first one to win three games takes the whole pot. - The first one to get to three, so the first, if there's three heads, first, before we get to three tails, I get it all. Three tails before we get to three heads, you get it all. - Yeah, maybe we could even keep a tally as we play. - Okay, sounds, sounds good. - Heads, heads versus tails. Okay, let's play. - All right, let's do it. - We'll take turns flipping, because, you know, you never know. - Heads. - Heads. - I'll try to flip with style. - (both) Tails. - Dang. Heads. - Heads, I'm doin' good. (bell rings) - Oh, dinner bell. I gotta go. - No, hey, that, look, I'm, I'm about to win. - I had a good run at the beginning, you know, I usually, I, I start slow - At the beginning. - in games like this. I'm always strong finisher. - Yeah, but look, if the next flip is heads, I get it all. - Okay, how 'bout we split the pot, okay? Split the pot, you get a little bit, I get a little bit, we both go home happy. - I get a lot of bit. - Good idea. - A lot of bit. (laughs) How 'bout we just split the pot? - No, 'cause I have a higher chance of winning than you do. - How are we ever gonna figure that out exactly? Let's just split the pot and call it even. - Let's think about it this way.