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Thousandths on the number line

We can find the value of a point on a number line that falls between two known values, in this case 0.03 and 0.04. It is important to understand place value, specifically the tenths, hundredths, and thousandths places. By dividing the space between the two known values into ten equal segments, it shows that the point is located at 0.038 (or 38 thousandths).

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Video transcript

- [Instructor] We're asked what is the value of the point graphed on the number line and this is the point right over here, so pause this video and see if you can figure that out before we figure it out together. All right so let's try to figure it out together now. So let's see this point is between this is going to be this is the tenths place this is the hundredths place so this over here is three hundredths and this over here is four hundredths. So our point is between three hundredths and four hundredths and the space between three hundredths and four hundredths is divided into ten equal spaces. So if this whole thing is a hundredth, so this whole thing is equal to 0.01 the difference between that, that's a hundredth so then each tenth of that is going to be a thousandth. So let me, I don't want to make this too messy so this right over here will be one tenth of a hundredth which is going to be a thousandth, so it's going to be 0.001 we have a one in the thousandths place. So one way to think about it, this number is going to be 0.03 so we have our three hundredths but then let's see how many thousandths we have to add to it to get to this value right over here. We have to add one thousandth, two thousandths, three thousandths, four thousandths, five thousandths, six thousandths, seven thousandths, and eight thousandths. So we're starting at three hundredths and then we are adding eight thousandths so you add 0.008 to get to this value. So if you were to add these two together you're going to have three hundredths and then the next place over is the thousandths place and we have eight of them. So this point right over here is 0.038 or you could do this as 38 thousandths because three hundredths is 30 thousandths, so any way you want to view it, this is the value of the point graphed on the number line 0.038.