Solids of revolution - shell method

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You want to rotate a function around a vertical line, but do all your integrating in terms of x and f(x), then the shell method is your new friend. It is similarly fantastic when you want to rotate around a horizontal line but integrate in terms of y.

Shell method for rotating around vertical line

VIDEO 5:33 minutes
Introducing the shell method for rotation around a vertical line.

Evaluating integral for shell method example

VIDEO 11:00 minutes
Evaluating the definite integral set up using the shell method

Shell method for rotating around horizontal line

VIDEO 7:15 minutes
Example showing how to find the volume of a solid of revolution (constructed by rotating around the x-axis) using the shell method (this could have been done with the disk method as well).

Shell method with two functions of x

VIDEO 4:12 minutes
Using the shell method to rotate around a vertical line.

Calculating integral with shell method

VIDEO 3:59 minutes
Evaluating integral set up with shell method for two functions.

Volumes of solids of revolution by shells

Volumes of solids of revolution, shell method