Geometric series

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Whether you are computing mortgage payments or calculating the distance traveled by a bouncing ball, geometric series show up in life far more than you imagine. This tutorial will review all the important concepts and more!

Introduction to geometric series with sigma notation

VIDEO 4:28 minutes
Sal extends the idea of geometric sequences to geometric series.

Evaluating finite geometric series

Evaluate finite geometric series given in sigma notation, recursively, or explicitly.

Another derivation of the sum of an infinite geometric series

VIDEO 4:46 minutes
Sal applies limits to the formula for the sum of a finite geometric series to get the sum of an infinite geometric series.

Examples: Converging and diverging geometric series

VIDEO 4:16 minutes
Sal looks at three different infinite geometric series and determines if each of them converges or diverges.

Repeating decimal as infinite geometric series

VIDEO 8:02 minutes
See how we can write a repeating decimal as an infinite geometric series.

Vertical distance of bouncing ball

VIDEO 5:10 minutes
Watch Sal determine the total vertical distance a bouncing ball moves using an infinite geometric series.

Evaluating infinite geometric series

Find the sum of an infinite geometric series, but only if it converges!