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Sal's old Maclaurin and Taylor series tutorial

8 videos
Everything in this tutorial is covered (with better resolution and handwriting) in the "other" Maclaurin and Taylor series tutorial, but this one has a bit of old-school charm so we are keeping it here for historical reasons.

Polynomial approximation of functions (part 1)

VIDEO 9:45 minutes
Using a polynomial to approximate a function at f(0).

Polynomial approximation of functions (part 2)

VIDEO 10:03 minutes
Approximating a function with a polynomial by making the derivatives equal at f(0) (Maclauren Series)

Approximating functions with polynomials (part 3)

VIDEO 7:13 minutes
A glimpse of the mystery of the Universe as we approximate e^x with an infinite series.

Polynomial approximation of functions (part 4)

VIDEO 9:59 minutes
Approximating cos x with a Maclaurin series.

Polynomial approximations of functions (part 5)

VIDEO 9:24 minutes
MacLaurin representation of sin x

Polynomial approximation of functions (part 6)

VIDEO 9:59 minutes
A pattern emerges!

Polynomial approximation of functions (part 7)

VIDEO 10:18 minutes
The most amazing conclusion in mathematics!

Taylor polynomials

VIDEO 18:05 minutes
Approximating a function with a Taylor Polynomial