Trig substitution

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We will now do another substitution technique (the other was u-substitution) where we substitute variables with trig functions. This allows us to leverage some trigonometric identities to simplify the expression into one that it is easier to take the anti-derivative of.

Introduction to trigonometric substitution

VIDEO 8:52 minutes
Introduction to trigonometric substitution

Integrals: Trig substitution 1

VIDEO 7:38 minutes
Example of using trig substitution to solve an indefinite integral

Integrals: Trig substitution 2

VIDEO 8:11 minutes
Another example of finding an anti-derivative using trigonometric substitution

Integrals: Trig substitution 3 (long problem)

VIDEO 17:52 minutes
Example using trig substitution (and trig identities) to solve an integral.

Integration using trigonometric substitution

Integration using trigonometric identities