Properties of the definite integral

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As with any other mathematical operation, studying the properties of definite integrals will be a way of kicking the tires and getting a feel for how they work. Not only will this sharpen your understanding of integrals, but it will help to make computations easier down the road.

Integrating sums of functions

VIDEO 6:46 minutes
If you know the integrals of two functions, what is the integral of their sum?

Definite integral over a single point

VIDEO 2:31 minutes
What happens when the bounds of your integral are the same?

Breaking up integral interval

VIDEO 3:06 minutes
By subdividing the stretch of numbers where you are integrating, you can break up an integral.

Definite integral of shifted function

VIDEO 4:26 minutes
When you shift a function, what happens to its integral?

Switching bounds of definite integral

VIDEO 4:37 minutes
What happens when you swap the bounds on an integral?

Examples leveraging integration properties

VIDEO 6:22 minutes
Watch how some integral properties can actually be used.

Properties of integrals

Properties of integrals practice problems