Knowing our numbers

Counting things is easy for us now. In this chapter we will learn more about large numbers and what we can call them!
7 exercises available

Learn how convert larger units of length to smaller units. The metric units used in this tutorial are millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometres.

If you're looking to create an army of robot dogs, will it really make a difference if you have 10,300 dogs, 9,997 dogs or 10,005 dogs? Probably not. All you really care about is how many dogs you have to, say, the nearest thousand (10,000 dogs). In this tutorial, we'll learn about conventions for rounding whole numbers. Very useful when we might not need to (or cannot) be completely precise.

The use of brackets (or parentheses) while multiplying or adding numbers helps us do long calculations in a very simple way! Let's see how.