The set of numbers from 1 to infinity is called Natural numbers. When we add 0 to this, we get whole numbers. A set of 0, natural numbers and their opposites, make up 'integers'.
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If we put the whole numbers and the negative numbers together, the new collection of numbers are called integers. In this topic we will learn how to depict negative numbers on a number line, ordering of negative numbers, and will introduce the concept of fractions on a number line.

When we add a negative integer to a positive integer, we move to the left on the number line. Similarly, when we add a positive number to a negative number, we move to the right on the number line. In this topic we will learn how to add/subtract negative numbers, integers with different signs, and will practice this concept on the number line.

To subtract an integer from another integer, it is enough to add the additive inverse of the integer that is being subtracted, to the other integer. We will also see that subtracting a negative equals adding a positive, and we will practice this concept on several basic problems.