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Here's a simple word problem asking us to put our adding decimals skill to work. Created by Sal Khan.
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on Saturday william's parents gave birth to twins and names them nadia and vanessa when they were first born. Nadia weighed 7.27 pounds and was 21.5 inches tall. And Vanessa weighed 8.34 pounds. how much did the babies weigh in total so they tell us Nadia weighed 7.27 and Vanessa weighed 8.34 we have to add these up and really they just gave us this length of Nadia at birth is really a distraction so see that we don't mindlessly add any numbers we see so this is really unnecessary information just to distract us so then we need to add Nadia's birth weight plus Vanessa's so it is 7.27 plus 8.34 and it is always important that we line up the decimal i like to do the decimal. so it is 8.34 and well'l just add these these two up. so 7 plus 4. and this is really 7 hundredths. plus 4 hundredths is 11 hundredths witch is the name thing as 1 hundredths and 1 tenth. 1 tenth plus 2 tentsh plus 3 tenths is 6 tenths. we got our decimal sign right over there. and then 7 plus eight is fifteen. or you could even say it is 5 ones and one ten. and we're done they weighed 15.61 pounds in total