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Simple equations

Variables, expressions, & equationsTesting solutions to equationsIntro to equations
Same thing to both sides of equationsRepresenting a relationship with an equationOne-step equations intuitionOne-step equations intuition exampleOne-step addition & subtraction equationsDividing both sides of an equationIntro to two-step equationsOne-step division equationsOne-step multiplication equationsOne-step subtraction equationsSimple equations: examples solving a variety of formsTwo-step equations intuitionTwo-step equations with decimals and fractions Worked example: two-step equations
Modeling with one-step equationsComparing with multiplication and addition: moneyTwo-step equation word problem: computersTwo-step equation word problem: gardenLinear equation word problems — Basic exampleSums of consecutive integersSum of integers challengeEquation practice with segment additionEquation practice with midpoints

About this unit

An equation is a statement that helps us understand the equality between two or more variables, and constants. A variable can take various values. Its value is not fixed. We use letters x, y, l, m, ... etc. to denote variables. On the other hand, a constant has a fixed value. x+3=7 is an equation where x is a variable and 3 and 7 are constants.