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Points and quadrants example (Hindi)

Plot an ordered pair like (-4, -2) and then decide which quadrant it is in.

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Video transcript

drag the dot to plot negative 1 comma 5 and then select his location on coordinate plane or films officially a various negative 1 comma 5 located on the coordinate plane choose one answer first quadrant second quadrant third quadrant II or fourth quadrant x-axis or y-axis to Chile pilot on take think his point key location hey Carvelli point hey copy the negative one comma five key bath curry - Eska matlab wah negative 1 comma 5 Jonnie key x-coordinate a negative 1 or y coordinate a 5 x coordinate negative 1 y Aniki say i'm a yuppie dry karna padega kookier x-coordinate positive 1 positive 2 positive 3 4 5 s a tiger or a tea kiss origin key left ki taraf negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 sa voltage angle x coordinate negative 1 inside a point sceeto x coordinate hungee 1 negative 1 e hokey-cokey inside a point schedule or x-axis k long-distance Ogawa negative on e hoga leakiness point Co fix car Nikoli happy it's Kauai coordinate we mentioned they jokey 5 units Kappa robbery a y-coordinate 5 when he some openly Jangi or yaha pitch for thinking I'll be joining up a point we love whisker coordinate was like a negative 1 comma 5 sceeto x axis K long Dory hoagie 1 negative 1 hey or Y axis K long juddery hoagie origin say five units Kappa robbery to home the point to plot khadiyah a big kiss quadrant may - yeeoww the quadrant tomorrow paella quadrant hota hai first quadrant yay hemara second quadrant hota hai we say EMR a third quadrant toga or a hemara fourth quadrant oh yeah a massive first quadrants issue recording or for anti-clockwise goombah charting so Jessica's point could they come up attach all right yes second quadrant me like Erica you know he y-axis belong like a Ryan ie x-axis be like a high yay second quadrant can they're like raha hai or up sure he too is his sign could they keepeth exactly think he kiss quadrant yoga is x coordinate and negative or y-coordinate a positive any K agree second quadrant Meho gotta be Jackie x coordinate negative agha or y coordinate positive ooga totally say option pay click karta hai toh yeh jo a second quadrant me like Vega check your EMR a Java build cool sunny actually equation happy hour tracker to him select the quadrant or axis where each ordered pair is located on coordinate plane Yup'ik push point sir homeopathic our Nike copy hoga Pacelli rough diagram happened rocker let him only JEA hamara coordinate axis Olga yamaraja x-axis yahagi hamari y-axis - yaja p excuse re positive values dong GU happy exporter positive Agha is side x- hoga we see that he gets a y OU / k direction of a positive Agha or is neat JK direction may negative oka a [ __ ] open appoint a negative 5 comma 7 Pisgah x coordinate negative a or y coordinate positive way to x coordinate negative yannick instead of or y coordinate positive eonni key instead of in dawn oka combination to end on occur combination here to see is region me like an opera guyana key a hammer a first quadrant yes second quadrant yet third quadrant you have fourth quadrant to age a point over his second quadrant making hoga to say Hermia ha marker they take him ugly piata he ate hole 1 by 2 comma negative 4 like in his gob value hey yeah yeah happy joby value a head to positive ii x coordinate has a positive or y coordinate a negative so they take a kiss quadrant my hoga x coordinate positively on icky stuff or y coordinate negative eonni kini Chiquita rough up in donaga combination is a fourth quadrant Maliki Shailaja yeah Nicki year point fourth quadrant maker he like Erica tom is saying how big liquor they say for a 0 comma 5 of 0 to 90 positive and now a negative a to is the egg but the submerge Managua kak see quadrant we lie Nicaragua yato x-axis pavakah yeah to y-axis below the 0 comma 5 0 hemara x coordinate x coordinate is cos 0 hey any key x-axis key along his key or agencies lorry was 0 comma robber a leaking y-coordinate ask a favor twice point codec to him - Eska agar Ambedkar a x-axis Kellogg origin say duty 0 Jana key yet - in her say x-axis key along his kid ory zero a you need to its direction me left alright Lee movie knee course at I said oh yeah he paid in Appalachia I'll be a point here to how sector yeah - hah yeah hah yeah hah is y-axis pika he be ho sakta Yogi's y-axis pilgrim boy be point Lily to sceeto horizontal duty Hoagy x-axis care long origin see what a zero Cohiba robber hey the Aniki 0.08 is y-axis speaker he like that right leakiness Kauai coordinator 5 yeah Nikki I'm a super heater of 5 units but Nopalea any kikaha happy 0 point 0 comma 5 like Rica y-axis PE leaking uper heater of Thomas a hobby y-axis big clod cadet Angela dicta yamaraja Wubbzy Hannah he bilkul hamara java victim say he