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Quadrilateral types (Hindi)

Learn to identify quadrilaterals such as kites, trapezoids, parallelograms, rhombuses, rectangles, and squares by line and angle type.

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Video transcript

what is the type of this quadrilateral EJ have a quadrilateral the Hawaii kiss type guy hey Mel abyss Konami hey Who am I batana hey be as specific as possible how my boat's specific when I matlab cocky Jose taiko a quadrilateral parallelogram or rhombus Donahoe Tom kupatana pedagogy of rhombus Zod up specific who goes who defined connect idiom till I actually am question maker character here the C key hop a year called lateral the Hawaii above is Mayhem the exactly opposite sides Johanna pay equal length K yay Joe hey skipper Albert hey or yay Joe hey whoa Escobar about him or salty salt in K angles king of Avadh current was 73 degrees or 107 degrees in Casa Mata 180 degrees - he actually is line or this line Kiku interior angle say agar a valid transversal hum is commonly tomato pumpkin sakthe hain ki yay Joe hey is K parallel P ho Cho was in logic see ye Joe hey is skip parallel watch I go to ye case a quadrilateral ok just kill opposite side surpass my parallel Hey - ye ik pal lelou Graham hoga parallelogram Alec ocean Piazza here Escobar emic architect ahem though huh baby opposite sides uh pass me equalent que es que barber hey or yay Escobar over here angles ki baat curry to 149 +31 Hamid a date I have 180 degrees to his committal bas K parallel hooyah or yeh jo hey is K parallel hoagie seem logics a toy happy be made a cake as a donkey a Jew quadrilateral happened here Hawaii whoa ik Peleliu gram hookah parallelogram about the allocation pay just a hump 80k yuppie - Charo side equivalent K meliboeus Kappa Robert hey SK SK char oppas member uber ok angle car total sum 180 degree head - huh yes K parallel Haj Agha or yeh jo hey is capital o jogo - ich esse quadrilateral hey Jo kiuic parallelogram hoga / hello Graham Toho Gahee leg in - kiss kiss i recites be equal to e ik s a parallelogram hedges casado sights equal Hey - yeehaw jaga ich rhombus rhombus orsatti sodomy pata hai ki kya hota hai cái' it may adjacent sides equal hotel yes kappa robber or a cover-up kobito adjacent side lily wu oppas memorable Jang tae ik kaity haka licking Muji lactic e in t know me a rhombus esse world haka rhombuses a Tom hookah jockey is figure Cassatt in south carpet jockey same avatar pyar ke hum kiss ki baat karu a cookie rhombus kiss sorry properties Co satisfy karahi Kaito miss Lina Kang Li cookie kite generally hum heseok figure ho gaya mother mine p ki home coach esse figured a key to her miss a kite want a Halicki epic alta giggle botany licking rhombus escalada suit Curt I am rhombus ki Tascosa that JC dick buying it Thomas K happy a rhombus balding you see Terry Casey under my spell - yeehaw makea de karai - is may 86 + 94 who died 182 her egg bot to her see me but I shall Vickie is K parallel or ba Kiku aside to equal Haney to s a quadrilateral dismissive eight pair of opposite sides parallel ot who see home Kabul - hey trapezium trapezoid - eek trapezoid ho jayega about bullying icky isosceles trapezoid Cuyahoga - isosceles trapezoid s a trapezium hota hai dis me Joe eek pair to paddle hookah he licking it non parallel Wally side so they will pass me equal length Quixote jockey hopin he is Li Isis LS trapezoid nahi hoga a core question hepatic later he is pirata a chicken Escobar mhmm [ __ ] to ask each other side suppose me call him is donno angle cos Sam hoger 180 degrees - y es que para yoga we see Terry Casey in dono kasam bahagia 180 degrees - a piece Cappadocia or Charu side equal hey he or Charo angles be 90 degree - subsequently bought - yep a telegram hookah he lay low Krum parallelogram toga he cookie opposite sides parallel opposite sides parallel hair or shadow side equal head to a eke a rhombus P ho jayega a rhombus b oj go Oh Chucky sorry angles 90 degree head to a ik Squire B ho jayega X square by og orsatti sod is key adjacent sites be equal to a eek kite be hoga a kite be hodja hodja or or ki rectangle hoga the rectangle k definition MAA ki tahi KS a parallelogram just miss sorry angles 90 degree opposite NASA to Hawaii condition to have a satisfy hooray - yay actually make a rectangle V Hoka a rectangle B hoga rectangle kid definition kamatovik leaking agar me up seppuku key in power to terms me as a concert to make Joe is qu @ GC s Cassatt in South curtain jokey humko sahiba topping a key figure chi 2 mu G lacta happy square subsist yeah the specific hope I go to KJ Sims quirky but cranky Charu side equal hunger angles me 90 degree hunger or opposite sides for parallel hunger he but I think hemay happy in part to me Squire Juliana chahiye