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Rounding to nearest 10 and 100 (Hindi)

Learn to round up to 4-digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred.

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Video transcript

hamari posse happy couch numbers here or main numbers scone nearest n or nearest hundred may round catotti who or matcha tea mochi a papyrus video go pause curry or a sacred sacred nikki koshish carry three hopper minute dough columns Banali a hit nearest ten or nearest hundred kelly a totally should look at the him and fifty four say the 154 could nearest tenth a groundcar Nikoli hama is very misogyny who got evoke pants at ten come multiple hair jokey 154 kiss sub say Caribe though again home 154 k pass wall a 10k multiples cabaret Masucci to 154 sage Jota 10 Kamal temple jokey skiffs abscissa the posaga vu hoga 150 or other home 154 say buddy 10k multiple cabaret me such a jokey 154 K sub C sada posaga tuvo hoga 160 took kisi be number co nearest n me round connect la hum a hos number Kate 10 skate digit K right tamale digit code Ethne hota hai jaan aqui há Perham up in a one ski digit code a can gay or a girl you drove one Scudder jet hey if five-year 5c Brotherhood ahead to hemara phone number round up pooja ahead or a barian number five six Jota Jota heat oye round down who Tata Hey Ori Hoffer hamare one ski place may have four jockey fives it shoot out the hey is Li hum is a round down car being gay or am case act a hickey 154 Cockerham nearest 10 me round Caray to home a 150ml tahe it's e30 kissing a girl hum a 154 Co nearest 100 me round Kanagawa to hump le 100k on multiple ski bury me so Cheng a jockey 154 case up says ah de passe to 154 sit shota 100 Cabo multiple jukey 154 kiss abscissa de Paz hoga hoga 100 or ec3 kissing a girl hum 100k whose multiple cabaret me so che jukey 154 say Barajas kiss subsea pass me hey to yahoo got 200k barber 200 hemara 154 K sub C pass voila is multiple hoga took ECB number four nearest hundred the groundcar Nikoli a Hamas number k hundreds K place K right valid digit codec Nakata here - yaja / hamari hundreds key place K right valid digit f5 or other year digit five year five say Bala Jota hey - hummus number could wound up card at a he or a girl five such Jota Jota to a home run ankle DJ licking your hopper hamari pass a 5-2 hemara year number who Janet Shahi roundup tomcat sakte hain ki 154 Cockerham round cardi - hey nearest hundred me - ha me melt ahead two hundred the apogee cheese 38g blocks at ta up go japan nearest enemy round karate to him round on the right a licking nearest hundred muhammad aerosol round up card array here to chile a bad cat they have four thousand six hundred seventy four key to I say be nearest ten me round car nickel yee-ha me is such Jota 10k multiple key bury me soch na hoga - 4670 force H Jota ten comment Appel hoga 4670 kaiba rubber or say but at incumbent upon hana chai a 4600 a tiki barber or is number co nearest n my round car nickel yay huh my escape ten skate digit k right valid digit code is na hoga three hot n ski right muhammara pass f4 or other hvala digit 5 Shh Jota Jota head to hum is say round down car they say hey I'm guess like the hankie 4670 for he nearest 10 me round with a hair 4670 pay you see that he kissing gourami say nearest 100 me round kanata hit those same case occurring it though s key curry may escape pass may sit shoot a hundred come multiple hygge 4600 kaiba robber or is saved by a hundred Kemal table hoga 4700 kaiba robber or a see nearest hundred me round car Nikoli hummus k hundreds k digit K right volley digit code a king Jionni Kempinski placemaking gay or other he number five year five say bahudha hey - hum-hum RA is number core roundup kar sakte hain totally a bad ki jai 9th house the 995 key to SH Jota 10 camel table jockey skip asthma hoga hoga 9990 camera burn or sip parabola multiple 10 Kaju skiff subsea pass me hoga Yahoo got 10,000 kubera burn or he happily took 10,000 a year now self 10 commentable hey 100 copy multiple hey a thousand can be multiple every eight ten thousand copy multiple here licking homie is bad see ferric nahi by notch I make a kink in all numbers Kemal table hey homie bus is bad padrón de not ha did nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five separate and camel to pull Jehovah would ten thousand Cuba robbery on Achaia but shall you be seen here is ten me round her little toe pierce a home escaped in skate digit capable valid digit code a king gay orgy digit a girl five year five see brother hey Thomas a roundup kar sakte hain Yanni keys in here is 10 mega ham around correcto homie melt ahead ten thousand or ec3 kissing a girl Hamas a round carnahan nearest hundred me Tommy so Chattanooga escaped past wale showed a 100k multiple Kabaddi me too is such 100 car multiple unit ia 9900 caper robber or sip but a hundred car multiple who got ten thousand ten thousand hundred coming multiple here Toby say round technically a hummus key hundreds key place kid write a valid digit code a king gay or you hopper right muhammara pass ten nine or nine if I've say bahudha hey is Li is a hum round kar sakthe hain ten thousand may do you Harper 80s you Alexei hey boy hey hey keya their home is number con nearest ten me round curry - nearest hundred May Hamid ten thousand ml r I see three case actually opening ah crevalle number call a little hamari passe 8360 for those in arrested me round connect Ely I may sit short a 10k multiple key bury me soch na hoga - SH Jota ten camel table hygge 8360 or subvert and Kemal Dibble hona chahiye eight thousand three hundred and seventy or is a round cut nickel a hum a skate in scada jet K Bogle Valley right Valley digit code eggnog ax or Y a half for Kaiba rubber toe yay Shh Jota he is Li si hung round down car dengue esoterica say a ghurabaa me say nearest 100 me round carnegie battery - is sich what a hundred car multiple hoga 8300 give Robert or Isabella escapists 100 convertible hygge 8400 Cuba rubber or per se surround conically a hum a SK hundreds K digit key right validated codec na hoga or ye Barbour his 6k or two key a5 sabahi hum is number qu roundup kar sakte hain 8400 May