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we have a magic function given FX this key value is 7 X minus 5 or a kg x cubed over X cubed minus 4x or Matsuzaka DSG's [ __ ] [ __ ] boxer and find F times G of X X hand side marraco very chanukah why F times G - technically bad knees you lick away here MATLAB akima FX or GX KO x Rama pass my energies come at levira f times G of X comma will be a work in my bowl around FX x GX Joe Agra whose key value Nikoli will happen with the effects of GX key equation DV a may hamper FX 2000 he has 7 X - 5 7 X - 5 or is kotake multiply card a down gxq definition say GX Mucha given IRP X cube minus 4x to the Mexico multiplier if I say to my school Akito expand kercadiou Chagas 7 X into X cube 7 X into X cubed I go Mira 7 as it is 7 as it is or X into X cube X cube or 1 into X C power 3 o JX q power 4 1 + 3 4 oh that fear is my add curtain where Adam 2 - 4 X - 7 into for hose I got 28 or exin - guy to my upper lip Unga kuma Hatake a lacuna minus 7 into 4 which I got 28 to cigarettes licked oh ji-ho taiga heroes I got 28 X cube or 1 into X cube or one user X square 1 plus 1 2 other to each a CG multiplier here we have minus 5 into X cube minus 5 into X cube you have minus 5 into X cube 2 minus 5 as it is minus YV that Lydia yeah / x QQ warning ya / XE power 3 we humbly consumer X cube - I quit make scripts multiply gram of I got minus 5x cube ferrata a minus 5 into minus 4x minus 5 into minus 4x minus 5 into minus 4x so Jagga minus 5 into minus 400 Jagga plus 20 qk- negative plus other plus 20 or a poor season is Alecto x qg mira nair functional user F times G of X linear their ecological can come come back around o function go multiply Garre