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we have a magic function given a FX this Q value and nine minus x squared augusto function and GX this Q value a 5x squared plus 2x plus 1 almost with a DCT is nicola new path car aka find I say bracket 1 over smelly car by F plus G or free hand side merica Y X this video got purpose yeah he take here some John Hanke down a valley partner he the ble cow is come at lobster here with the Heike a F or g2 function or Marion functions could add kernel she made a function FX over GX a - Eska MATLAB hua FX plus GX bus it name is comma Club a school it [ __ ] a short form here Kobe Kobe man one down short form like now it much happening other do you find f + GX item j FX plus GX can I go in de novo add car later this is my FX Laketown ballet yeah FX ho jayega mira 9 minus x square e MN FX lilia case induce regular momenti x and y pushkar town GX o jogo Mira 5 X square 5x squared plus 2x plus 1 bus machines Anwar karna JG Mira F plus G of X we have pretty much it two different polynomials degree or energy to degree say water like between the segment X square where it cannot down to my ahankhah VX square shared karma in doha x squared American TCG zone oh geez Americas at down or nine hi amira constant head let's go make constant Z at Kazuto this copán Carnegie which is karta j ho jayega mira agar my x squared e ho we have a minus X square e ne K minus 1 X square nice cool little 800 jaga minus 1 X square for you power 5 X square so yoga plus 5 X square yekta music free huh premiere Eric 9 here we have a man I know Tata Plus curtain is 9 Co hard carrying it is once a key in zone a degree same here Dukey 0 here in 9 squared key Amon a once a plus 1 or get a movie later movie X square or constant we homicide we have all my 2x square excels with on here 2x / 2x hanging so J minus 1 plus 500g Amira minus 1 plus 5 for gamut of 4 for X square upon me write 2x to the left handed 2 X 9 or 1 over 10 so you get 10 H is Julie key Mary is really a function marijuana yeah belladonna's your function is given is Monica's some combo then sum of functions yeah F plus G of X