Exponents and powers

Exponents are shorthand for repeated multiplication of the same thing by itself, and it's power refers to the number of times it is multiplied. In this chapter we will learn about the basics of exponents and introduce the concept of powers with negative exponents.
4 exercises available

In this topic we will learn about negative exponents, exponent properties involving quotients, zero, non-negative, and fractional exponents. We will also solve some exercises to have a better understanding of this topic.

We have already studied laws of exponents in grade 7 but there powers of exponents used to be positive. Here we will study about the laws of exponents with negative powers. The laws which are applicable to positive powers of exponents shall be applicable on negative powers of exponents as well.

Here we will learn how very very very large and very very very small numbers can be expressed easily using the standard form. This form has another fancier name, the scientific notation.