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Plotting corners of a rectangle (Hindi)

Anmol plots the corners of a rectangle on the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.

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Video transcript

the four coordinates of a rectangle are located at the points nine comma six nine comma 2 3 comma 2 and 3 comma 6 a big rectangle key to char corner say were in charge coordinates be located him plot the four corners of the rectangle on the coordinate plane below Obama in charka ranch our points we have a plot Canaris points coma happy Hasani see drag cut sector job become in college on a cha him theorem super shaggy hey what is the length of the longer side of the rectangle ki jo home rectangle hmmm illega whiskey longer side key lengths are Kichijoji the subsea Polito home is a plot kirk addicting he a kid ye rectangle case or copy vinegar to pale appoint a happy nine comma six x coordinate 9 y coordinate six x coordinate tiny Aniki x-axis key along nine units I'm kinda happy Bajrangi TK or Y coordinates X and gamma uu / keither of origin say y axis key along six units on a bodega Aniki coach a yeah happy to eke point tomorrow how physics which I go Aguila point a nine comma to fit say any key x coordinate to nine here x-axis key along juddery hoagie origin say one nine units k barber him or y-axis key along shift to unit some operator of bird Rohini Kikuchi happy to do sir appointee aha I go fairy yoga of these three point eight three comma two any key x-coordinate head three teen units right guitar effects access key along or y-coordinate a to any key two units y-axis Kellogg operator of Yanni key these are appointed on a Jacob or finale choice a point chaotically 3 comma 6 2 x coordinate Haryana Kia happy or y coordinate 6 n eq / kids out of a miss six units but Anaya to him yeah hop on Changi / yi joo Charo points okay each other cornered Sumida Creek a rectangle key coordinates I made the Cara him up taking his rectangle key joy happy Banega is key silence Kia Hong Ki - yaja see ya ethic portion Achille how my horizontally a travel karna padega yogi you don't know the same level PA y coordinate in dono qussuk say don't know same height pay her agency - y coordinate with the coach for claim bodega togarmah j ya say Hey - horizontally hammock Aetna travel karna hoga the one two three four five six an Aikido rectangle Bona is ki-yay Valley Lindo Jake is 6 units K per hour or a gouramis vertical length we both carry ski vertical height is rectangle kidney hoagie - yeah Asiata chronically huh me Aetna Nietzsche keator of travel karna hoga any key one two three four units for any keys rectangle key job buddy well aside kolento get was six units K per hour hey to waha hemara answer ho jayega Tommy holiday here six units or check RT hey Kiki are hamara Joe Bob say he him the yeh hemara Java bilkul say