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Special products of binomials: two variables (Hindi)

Anmol finds the area of a square with side (6x-5y).

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Video transcript

find the area of a square with side 4x minus 5 y units aha me x squared y Hawaii who am bULOG Akamai ATK hiccups under the square when hollow or was square cut just side him whoa 4x minus 5i unit sky Jannik jaegerman aside ki baat karu to OB 4x minus 5y hey origami is side Kiba vodka room 200b 4x minus 5 y ha obviously Chara Serapis member Abajo Tendo Charo side 4x minus 5 y he whom he say uwate AB home cupola gaya hai ki iske area humko fine can i he is quite happy didn't eat jaggery stay happily hey yeah uncle but I could not have to idiopathic on Aquila hibiscus I'd scope asthma multiplayer DJ hey yeah Nikki ESCA area ho jayega iske area ho jayega 4x minus 5 y 4x minus 5 y times 4x minus 5 y 4x minus 5 y yeah Phyllis Khare tourism at apassionata hey please will exacting f 4x minus 5 yka whole square hibiscus all connect ileum simple app knowledge on normal multiplication you skirt am dome by no means come multiply got naked leave warm you scaring you Tommy occurring a happy equal to s capella Tom linking up go up a pura 4x minus 5y you tae-yeon a term or s Co a kicker KS pay or a speed distribute cut DJ yenakievo jaga 4x times 4x minus 5 y minus 5y times 4x minus 5y is scope LM an appellate term somebody apply Kia or Ferris could do three terms and multiply Kia to humko Amelia the final disc a value k ho ji ho yo ho jayega 4x times 4x whatta hi 16x squared 4x times minus 5 y ho jaga minus xx XY negative 5y times 4x modular raiga negative 20 ex-wife it's a or negative 5y times negative five Y n Akiho Jack a negative 5y K whole square Abby actually chilies cumin see like that they have plus negative 5y car whole square or a doper Heller Tommy is Co Bahama be multiplying a cart a square selected a 4x times 4x car whole square to finally have me happy Camellia him yaho jag of 4x k whole square negative 20 Y or negatory in negative 20 X Y or negative 20x wide over a happy and he K minus 2 times 20 XY or 4 plus minus y whole square to Yamaha familia or Agora baba misko solve carrying at home email jaga 16 X square minus 40 XY plus negative 5 K whole square with a 25 so 25 y square yes key value watch a lickin ESCO hum cocky see form Cassatt relate kar sakthe matlab yeah actually maquillaje agar may s co emelita or s comma Beeman little to yoga a minus B to basically Kirk area a minus B times a minus B any key a minus B K whole square a minus B K whole square or a my pata hai ki yeh kya hoga a minus B times a minus B any key is a coma any key is a - become a kicker katana / distribute card Unga - Yahoo jaga 8 times a minus B minus B times a minus B 2 O B Square multiplied curtain a 2 a times C Jota a square a times negative B hoga minus a B minus B times C ho jagoff it's a minus of a B or minus B times minus B ho jayega plus of B Square Pompey has a couch egg form technolog ahora que hay a square minus a B minus a B ho jaga minus 2 a B plus B square y mira a - pika whole square yeah egg form Cuevas a dhikr Ababa scone normally SS all Kelly J European hippie is co-op is form a delayed carpet a topic or directly exactly think he joy home a happy meal of 4 X - 5 y whole square y mira AE hey be a minus b whole square katha mayhem - yeehaw jaga a square minus 2 a B plus B Square Jonnie ki a hey Mira 4x - Yoga for X K whole square minus 2 times a and Enki 4x times b Aniki 5y plus b square e Aniki 5 yka whole square or eruption at risk or delayed carnage i had to escape at obscure c de llevar a step mill jaga 4 xk whole square what is 16 X square minus of 2 times 4 oj 8 8 times 5 okay 42 minus 40 XY is her area or 5 ik a whole square nak 25 y square yaha pyaar kiya