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Adding fractions word problem: paint (Hindi)

Supriya solves a word problem by adding mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

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Video transcript

Sara and Nikol need one liter of orange paint for painting their classroom wall sadita has 250 of a litter of red paint Nikhil has one half of a liter of yellow paint if they mix their paints together will they have the 1 liter they need the Hamza Hodari hay casera or nickel ku a glitter orange paint chahiye ethnic classroom key DiMarco paint-connect le or a Gesserit octopus 2/5 of a liter of red paint hair or nickel keep a cigar one-half of a liter of yellow paint hair though agar window no pains come excavator here to Keyon ke paas 8 litre orange paint ho jaaye Guyana he coming here to Pattaya give red or yellow color Kagura militaire make orange color milk ahead to cut two fifths of a liter of red paint go one half off a liter of yellow paint my Milani say hum evenly their orange paint Malay Guyana he to Hawaii cheese capitol a Ghana he or yaja / hamid do fractions could ruin ahead or you Joe do fractions here in kid nominators Allah Gallic a I'm character Hickey here Donna fractions Alec Alec Shizuka represent karan johar Mary pass 250 or Johanna Mary pass one half a when it Joe Nickell ei hum a infractions cake common denominator K bury me so Tina hookah or can he be fractions car subsets her common denominator one kid denominator scar subset suit a multiple hota hai yah faire une kid denominators Calliste common multiple in casts up such a common denominator hookah 3 Harper hamari denominators may have five or two or you don't know he prime numbers here though encourage a subset Jota multiple hookah window Anoka product to notch ie the 5 volt took a subset chota common multiple 10 hona chahiye 10 was substitute a number here Joe 5 or 2 Don Jose indivisible here it's come at lab hey t hum a high end oh no fractions ko si milik nahi Jin Kiki denominators 10k barber ho-hum 8 2 by 5 KO acre se fraction will acknowledge us kinda nominated tenho or hum a 1 by 2 Kobe it s a fraction malik nahi just cut denominator 10 camera bajo top amia huh say you had the key supporting gay though is cheese go so much Nikoli chili hum Luke eek hoo Lolita yeah / are yamir Avant whole just sick minute police say 10 equal parts about Hawaii though a burger Mucha is whole cast them all 2/5 could represent curricula conejito to make a circle t 2y hopper 2/5 could represent connect a da Mucha apni whole Co 5 equal parts my partner who table though agar map nice who'll go couch history case a body T mega it to cry haka DT do start to cry a hot tea tray AHA ha AHA or patch via ha - yaja per minute is Holt equal parts - clay hoga with a juju red valley boundary here here the car a hickey hum happening is hole go 5 equal parts Novotny I have or in 5 equal parts may say hum a two parts Shahi Lani key may happen to pass Scotia accordingly yaho Jumeirah one part shaded or Yahoo Gamera to snow part shaded the harperman if 5 equal parts may say two equal parts shade could be a hair or yes shaded region near the present karahi 2/5 co licking up Hammett 2/5 cool it as a fraction Millican ahead just cut a denominator 10k bura bura it's come a club hey he a girl map knee in five parts co doe parts maybe I do do you have per Mary Pascal 10 parts so giant gay again hung her eight part we happen to parts may divide credit a hey - yeah Harper total number of equal parts Mary Paso trying it in yeah / you do green money line [ __ ] indicate crazy hey ki hum knee up knee eight-part go to equal parts maybe idea hip Jana key hum in five parts go with two times coderre hey - honey Harper 10 equal parts marjoram all kooky hipness sub he parts Co Dogon occurred era he is silly hamara do shaded Val apart a Vova the Dogon Allah jaga again I'm a hopper in ten equal parts could they came to in missing American Kidney parts shaded him yeah piramide one two three four parts shaded him Johnny key homecare sakthe hain ki hung up in a numerator cookie dough guna Currahee - yaja primary pasquil kidney parts so join gay hamari pass for trying it will four out of ten parts don't care sack the heck it two fifths or four tenths yeah they're self same cheese come here to present car in here yeah / hamara hai jo hole here get 250 could be represent car tire or here 4/10 kobe represent garaje de arica sagar hum 1/2 ki baat karu to my perceptor who Lolita me happy yeah yeah mera hole or 1/2 core present clinically much happening is whole quo 2 equal parts of Idaho ha the agar may happen is whole ko take beat show beats a bad day team who push is 30k see - Yahoo Jumeirah Yahoo yeah Mira one hole just recommended two equal parts may divide Kiowa or in two equal parts Mesa muche one equal parts I'll a you have per year Joe shaded region here here the present car I have 1/2 go or a girl would shave 1/2 go it sa fraction malignus a just got a denominator 10 Cuba Robert who though is comma Club hey T a girl hum APNIC endo no equal parts cool 5 parts may bite beeping hey to hamari Pascal 10 equal parts so join gay Johnny key to say 10 tectonically a hum knee up Nick Donna parts Co 5 x squared e ahead the 2 times 5 with a hit and gababa or Q key hopper hum dono parts Co he 5 times Corinne hey the jaha mara shaded Val apart a JB 2 5 times or on a chai you have Paragon I'm up nice shaded region codec a two-year Joe home are each Jota Valley shaded region a make it me hey you Harper again home up knee in schwate valley shaded regions could they came tamari Pascal 1 2 3 4 5 shaded parts in I'm guess like the hankie 5 out of 10 parts a house a shaded hair jockey the result one half go here present Cara here though yaja same name dono traction school in cake common denominator key terms medically ahead or a sucker nickel a Joe Chism up net denominator maker right here keeper hitches her my up the numerator maybe karni hogi or up humming in hedge or Dana here donate journée Perham a it as a fraction will naturally Juke is something by 10 hoga or you something in the hoggar to key Hubbard hamari denominators same hey it's Lee hyung Kiyosaki hickey is something he who not shahi 4 +5 kibera but he happened I'm up in numerators could George sucked a or shake it na hoga ya Paris company visualize that get so much Nikki koshish carrying a map now holy on G de Barras ARP do you have some classic the hankie hamish it can have one two three four parts four in four parts k lava I'm a Harper five parts or shake anything over my five parts or she could get him 1 2 3 4 5 - y hopper Minich will Tippin a parts shade cardi a head many shade cardi I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 parts from Kasich the hickey hey barber hair 9/10 k or rehearse him the exact the heck in 9/10 give one whole caper rubber to bilk will be in here again hamare happened 10 out of 10 parts shaded with a Tom Kasich Tetley tea hamari pass one whole head lick any hopper 8 part of e be shaded name here it's lahum care suck the heck in 9/10 ye ik hole could represent nanny curt ahead though a burger ham APNIC is question ki baat karu tea county pass one hole yeah for one liter orange paint who guy on he don't care sector he he inque pass one liter orange paint nahi hoga to ito a tariqa he just say i'm precisely but a sec the heck you keep a school kidnapping toga latina gram traje the yeah Perico do strata Rica be a just say himself up Nia's question cancer they said today yeah / Hamid a ricotta give sorry taki pass two fifths of a liter of red paint a or nickel key pass one half of a liter of yellow paint a the agar hamari pass one half to save one whole Kenickie l'homme is may 1/2 or journa hygge to Cerreta keep a scum Sikkim one half of a liter of red paint ahoo nahi chahiye just like 'i'm a van whole melzack a lickin on janta hated 2/5 give one half sick kombucha head Dober up to 57 1/2 code jordan gay Tomic kappa be one whole the hi Malika is l'homme hopper serious a case actor hey keep on keep us one liter orange paint nahi hoga