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Impact on median & mean: increasing an outlier (Hindi)

Sal thinks through the effects of modifying a value in a data set. What will happen to the mean and median?

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Video transcript

a group of four friends likes to ball together a group of four friends likes to ball together and each friend keeps track of his all-time highest score in a single game Abu chaar logo ki dose Dokic group top-up Chardo stoker egg group de or Volokh occur today cabal Anunnaki is Kimi junka highest score Vata Taha machaca a bit Akkad Jovian high score a data uncover not getting their highest scores are all between 180 and 220 I mean catch a highest score hedge okay look track array were 180 or 220 k-beach me him except for Adam was high score is 250 Adam coach or key yeah Nikki America's chart friend said teen those are eek Adam to treat Tyndall's they incur Jos highest score hey 180 C 220 k-beach mayhem like enjoy a Adam he is cursed score 250 a kochiya harp a humble sakti yoga hamare adam cask or adam then bolts a great game and has a new high score of 294 adam neck or better in game the kaya or ask us score Joe hey 250 say buddy key 290 people watch camp Bucky look at the score a 180 C 220 kb0 Howell increasing Adams high score affect the mean and median key Adam key score keeper Johnny C in Lavaca mean or median score p kc firk bodega yeah ami batana him to pay little chilly huh mean ki baat karta him to do teen those take on cages course a 100-seat 220 k-beach mayer Pelisson are you ki baat karta job Amara Adam Kakori Hebei one Adam capella scores over 250 Tom - you happy - teen those two key score ever in K Bhishma here or eek Joe Adam can score a 250 yen in cash a mean hoga za da Joppa density is Corki couch is the ref Bogomil a turkey chili whoa Kenya hobbies come mean who died in kiss kowalska mean kahega happy whole time licking Jess a year 250 290 butter a mean up nice score Scottish Warne sector s angiogram score Cobra ingitum NGO kotoba tárrega vu her excursion Arista Khayyam Rock Najat Ayana key would Taurus ah 290 ki taraf the rubric echidna barega wha ba nee pataki okay I'm exact scores nepeta hey licking it not o Pataki is good distribution code taught about balance technically who is 290 keator of zero but yeah Nikki urogram highest marks but hottie to Amara mean beat Torah or barrage I go to me bull sack take him enjoy Heywood but he got to desert his route with skill of object a chameleon pick yourself a go to media enjoy hey who actually did occur exact central value whole time I'll be happy America's total chart friend say to chilly Molly the hankie eek Bellagio friend a friend one Oscar score Pucci chuppah canopy Hey Joe do sir a friend a Oscar score kochiya Hapuku he behaved these refrain malady obscure score kochiya happy eh point hugger yay coin toga or a point when Tanaka score hundreds a 220k Bhishma him Adam cos Korpela 252 is kiss miss Paley kiss me is comedian Quixote and kiss course comedian que Haga the exact central value Hammar buscar observation say happy or ye though John the values from be happy in dono Karim arithmetic me Lily Yannick in key exact central value Y a hemay median de Vega observe Adam Kursk or 256 290 but yeah like in media and Joey Votto a PP exactly central value could represent Careca year 290 hey lake in happy be America's char observation see the unease vodka at kiki hamara a joke paletine observation said Joe [ __ ] T note Osaka score hey whoa a PP say Mia was make a change in he III to agar album central value ki baat kar a to vu central value to a be in dono values in dono middle values kahi Central Valley acaba toga in dono middle values key central value he to bombard carrying he made in the car Lincoln Lee yet 250r H i29 thi 280 Raheja damper score cush beer a in Donna central value pay the couch work in the hip area unless and until her me up in number of data but homology going or be happier Java to be happy central value change or earthy licking his end curse chorus endpoint Kursk or or or age of data here to ascending order my policy arranged a to theorem a solder marriage connect is the road winning year don't know central value said he be same central value he bunny way to Jomar a million hey whoa exactly in KBT [ __ ] a PP rahega he any key media make we changed [ __ ] no change or Gemara mean edge America Tahoe increase increase ho jayega energy consumption it was a satisfied car I mean will increase and the median will stay the same option C hemara right answer Hajj ago