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Solutions to 2-variable equations (Hindi)

The solution of an equation with one variable is a number. How does the solution of a 2-variable equation look like? Well, it is an ordered pair. Learn more about it and how to test solutions to 2-variable equations.

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Video transcript

which of the ordered pairs is a solution of the following equation in missy console ordered pair is d who is a DA who equation cos solution negative 3x minus y is equal to 6 to Polito me have a year so much think is solution can occur matlab kahoka - is equation case solution comment la paga on X or Y key values joki is equation cosine is Phi kurung jana key skill left hand side KO right hand side k bar burger thing Jessie key numidia Hawaiian negative 3 X minus y is equal to 6 malli Geum X equal to 1 Lolita or y equal to 1 Lily to him a burger Yi values is key solution we - Jabar excuse occur 1 or y ki jagah one is equation modelling the left hand side to right hand side K barber Hana per acre Jana key negative 3 times 1 minus of 1 is 6 K barber Hana padega tepee jockey is cos solution hoga to negative 3 times 1 1 negative 3 minus 1 jokey negative 4 ki barber hagia or yeh exam c6k barber nahi Jana ki age from the hop a random sido X or Y K values Lily 80 yeh is da hua equation K solution nahi Hong game origamis cook graph key terms may represent karna cha he 2 is negative 3x minus y equals to 6 escucha bomb plot currently Pouilly ik linear equation hey yoki you happy hum a constant value decree here or Jo be happy variable say buuck constant Chisum multiplying way or one variable scope our hamesha 1 hey it's Leigh a linear equation a Jana Kiska graphic straight line he hoga straight line he hoga tuvo Jessa be straight straight line hoga vom points nickel Q plot kar sakte hai humanik random sigh hapax straight line Lilia is a citavi Elango kisi bhi tere kissy Kissy with Erica a straight line ho sakta hai leaking is graph Peyman a girl a boy B point Leal Unger is line PR McCoy B point Leah longer Davao is de equation car solution K like a cookie sorry points is do equation ko whiskey graph ko was keep back down quiz straight line was satisfactory to care how my option Parata I met options keep re me he bought karna T to Pella hey negative 4 comma 4 or Chucky ordered pairs lekawa hey it's come it'll be a walk each of paler and you ho go x-value hoga or x-coordinate hygge or Judas or a value who go y-value hoga any key y-coordinate ogre - i addicting happy him jaha job emex decry 1 negative 4 Dalton or ja ja ja be why they cry warm for all to him to paramedic jaga negative 3 times negative 4 minus of Y n EG minus of 4 big thing kia is left hand side key value right hand side camera Bharati hey 2 negative 3 times negative 4 negative times negative okay a positive or three times for hamid 12 day they got 12 minus 4 e on e key 8 o8 k barber hagia 8k robbery hope Allah a tour for 12 volt ahead to heart ek kabhi kabhi calculation Smith was a confusion or yacht ahead so is Lea make merry checkered Lina Chiam to 12 minus 4 a toga jokey exam say right hand side any key six calves are burning Yannick yato is cos solution nahi hoga dose repeating a negative 3 comma 3 2 is equation in Jogja can he be he makes the cry Muharram x ki jagah negative 3 deleting or y ki jagah 3 doll collector him to negative 3 negative 3 co multiply car thing excuse attend again negative 3 kiss earth - why any k- of 3 big thing kiki is key value 6 k barber hoagie 3 were J equal to negative 3 times negative 3 and ek+ 908 ago - 3 9 minus 3 which is 6 yay yay - exactly right hand side kappa robbery equal to 6 a yeah Nikki Giovanni is the equation may X comma Y key value negative 3 comma $3 to is call left hand side right hand side K barber hoga Jana Campbell sakte hain ki value is equation coz satisfy para hey this was a say yes car solution Haj Agha