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Completing solutions to 2-variable equations (Hindi)

Given a 2-variable equation and the x or y values of a solution, Anmol finds the value of the other variable in the solution.

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Video transcript

5x minus 2y is equal to 30 complete the missing value in the solution to the equation Abby ah happy humming egg linear equation the Y discuss solution happy ah da darada Hawaii 8 comma a bhop a blank space penny we had just a quija my Falcon I do is a DK equal to summation r th e a good ye ordered pair is cos solution hoga to end oh no value scourge Apple ordered pair K value of e x value or induce trevally joy me find Colonel a have Y value to X value to have a putter him or her meniscus solution but anna hey anna key Vova value baton ahead jokey is x value Cassatt combine ho k sk left hand side co a right hand side k bar burger they do you connect ileum a cart a you happy excuse you devalue hey warm holiday or take think IAM a camel eager to hum dating a happy 5 times x KJ hum Natalia 8 minus 2 y is equal to 35 times 8 hotel 40 minus 2 y is equal to 30 a BA jaha may happen now a linear equation Miller is made to serve a key unknown a Y to him is his solve car key Aram see us Y key value coupe Patek exact thing to Chile I come contain the donors item look 40 subtract continue talking about equation balanced hey or e-40 essential Ajay the 40 negative 40 Solaria negative 2y turbid Jagga equal to 30 minus 40 anakin negative 10 don't know side up him look negative to say to a white car they say hey to Yuri ho janga 1/2 it hurts our jaga y equals to open each diagram look negative 1 semi deep like a detour - I'm jealous anger fear upon each other to say divide content or to ones a 2 to 5 ZN y ki value 5 k barber ah Jie to a 5 a my appeal exactly 8 comma 5 uniquely a ordered pair hoga jokey is da hua linear equation cuz satisfy Careca Orab China to in dono values we are a kiss kiss cover five acres acting five times 8 minus 2 times 5y Aniki 40 - 5 - z 10 yen in ki a right hand side 30k baba Yaga so a chilly hop my ki jagah a doll catch a kurta Hey the whoa yes a him he pushed a hopping goodbye to watch aha I'm they happy lick namida cut curvy I he ate I'm quite happy 5 lick not something galti SE SE 8 like dia yay chilli ugly question paper to him allocation I'm Sakura hey X - 5 y is equal to negative 15 complete the missing value in the solution to the equation X Q value have been negative 5 the hue y key value honeypot akane the fit suggests m Nakata ja ja ja biame XD cry WOM negative $5 - hey or for German linear equation my leg I was missing a key unknown Haga why Thomas is all querque why give a loop attacker linkage algorithm Alicia happy why key value D who T or X Q value homeopathic una Jota - um JA hijabi me why i cry why my Q value doll DT or fara make linear equation multi dismissive a key unknown Jota X or fair Hamas a solve querque x kv loop at equality licking a harpy tohe mara unknown y here to him excavator a little happy the X key Jake home they rally a negative 5 minus 5 times y is equal to negative 15 Abaddon aside him look 5 article did they have plus 5 Plus 5 documentation balance - hey to failure a cancel negative 5y Joe hey negative 15 plus 5 negative 10k parag parag you don't know sign him look negative 5 said divide candidate a hey to fear why K value jiggy to K but uh but we huh say why Melia to throw ya ha pay up check because acting excuse I go home look negative 5 holiday or minus 5 times y cos I got $2 to take take a kr to just keep a rubber hoga so negative 5 minus 10y an icky negative 15 g ha bill kaliya right-hand side cuba robbery any key Y key value a happy - ho jayegi bilkul sahi