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Quadrants of the coordinate plane (Hindi)

Learn about the 4 quadrants that make up a coordinate plane.

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Video transcript

in which quadrant quadrant a choatic now Watson nakum Elroy is the point negative 7 comma 7 located a be a happy humming a coordinate the a guy or a my baton a hickey a kiss quadrant may located hecka happy hey to subscibe a little me the pinky quadrant accessible to him to Jessica honey job coordinate access key body Toyama Pataki yay hamara hey x axis or year mara y axis the Jabby x-axis or y-axis up as me 90-degree penalty a perpendicular melter hey to encourage a point of intersection hota hai ye o te hemara origin yamaha origin k lotta him or Jessica happy happy day exactly hey in tone on lines name is poor a 2-dimensional plane Co char parts me but the I hate patty Hong ji ki ho gaya Akiho kia ora kia - bus in he parts go home look ik nom de DT hey or AC hum quadrant bulletin qk y yes a comedic RI y por a parka 1 by 4th portion denote karai 1/4 helper if Parker gig do struck water hose a gap or a vodka ET stock water hog Achutha quarter to any a quarter qualm quadrant said do not cut the him a bi mix specific order member lotterae Jessie ki-yay Amara x-axis or y-axis to Pendleton become cutting happy I'm number slick late a yellow jaga Hamada 1 2 3 4 5 6 SI jata jaga where CT key skill left side a jagged negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 negative 4 negative 6 or e sh I go through y-axis a any key to a vertical number number line Josiah to e hop is 0-2 hey yeah page I go 1 2 3 4 5 6 så jeg ER or Nietzsche negative values are Jiang en ek negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 negative 4 negative 5 negative 6 oh yeah happy - I am knee is do block o 1 unit manly up Chihiro yaha Pisco be one unit one sec today - agar aapko one unit water - yeah I've got two units where are they three four five six SEO Jota is kiss me home the sayad the cone unit man Leah hi Escada is 0.5 minutes so I go finish my or oggi Karthik burning it a 1 plus 0.5 any one point five minutes which I go you a jagged to you I got two point for your essay Karthik at the up Jesse which is key numbering got sucked a dick since I'm a mil Gaya Kekaha pay positive value say or copy negative value say a be a joke pilla petha me happy decry hey you see her mumble Linga hamara first quadrant first quadrant yo jaga Hamada second quadrant second quadrant yaho jaga hamara third quadrant third quadrant or final yeehaw jaga hamara fourth quadrant fourth quadrant about bullying Hakeem the one Cuba the second quadrant is secure on the second quadrant ii ii ii mana if it first quadrant amiss a cure one thing you seek home first quadrant name on sickly to bilk will observe once acting here licking fairy - Norman tell each other our terminology schema Tatia Joxer hump sorry math key level PE key cheese follow cat they head to Japan sorry chizuko a creeper sentation did they lose case may hum especially value Co for squadron bolte hain aur phir home ER c and d clockwise gently like they had to jump um anti clock wise move cutting a player jaga ii ii was like a third or your I got fourth history que seja Miska Nam did there a Biscay al-adel a characteristic holding here J secured first quadrant Cambodia hey hey to auger his first quadrant we have we be point Lily my liege a point of me holily to his point kitto x-coordinate hoagie whoa instead of foggy 0c right he direction me any giggles point he x coordinate you baat karu - oh ho jaga one two three 3p x axis key along his point Kaduri three units a or y-axis Kia longest point Kaduri four units a moody key but you first quadrant me up Colby point Li Ling a whisker x-coordinate hamesha positive ooga or y-coordinate be hamesha positive hijo got two is three kissing up here perchance I think yoga girl married oh no X or Y values positive a the vu point tomorrow first quadrant me he like Eric I just secure the exact a you be positive or a be positive negative Nietzsche telethia to vomit a point is quadrant mega took his family out there and I can I get home at a point it's a region Mecca he be hey it's the region me I got a matter point can he be a dusky X or Y coordinates X or Y values hamesha positive II honky will see Tariq is a second quadrant mayor of second quadrant mayor Molly shampoo appointee holla late and your second he appoint him later his point key x-coordinate k hoagie again x-axis key along his Kaduri they K - 1 2 3 4 5 a lickin yeah origins in left key direction Manichaean negative 5 for jaga to scourge x coordinate of negative 5 a or y-coordinate to Paree rahaga QQ point a BB x axis a looper heathyr of a or x axis Cooper sorry Y values positive in a a Nikki 1 2 3 4 to his car y-coordinate for Olga the second quadrant burger i'm cooie be point later to whisker x coordinate negative hoga or y-coordinate positive ho jaaye go to is the recompense acting Kiku appoint second quadrant behavior in the heme Iwate a third quadrant may the 3rd quadrant may be example a lithium a leader chili just say is point kangaroo math curry to dictate is point k x-coordinate k OG x axis k long is Kaduri to negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 negative 4 or negative 4.5 viajar p 2 x coordinate which I can negative 4 point 5 y coordinate above my knee check either a funnel pareja it need to repay a negative 1 negative 2 negative 3 negative 3.5 negative 3.5 - yay geo coordinates a is point could be present cranky or Jessica be happy day cranky Dona hamara x coordinate or y coordinate donno he negative a Janicki third quadrant may be point Lily JC region may of cooee be point Lily J aapke x coordinate or y coordinate hamesha negative he eyeing it don't know kid although negative only a bugger fourth quadrant my bath career so I think about wick idea like Yahoo work you got a fourth quadrant McCoy be point lately change s accumulator you how going point lately two-year point K coordinates ko Changi the x-axis key along a Scuderi has six unit square per hour or y-axis scale on a schedule here negative 3 units K per hour Yanni key is case me coordinator positive or y-coordinate n- the job aqui seek point car x-coordinate positive ho tae or y coordinate negative over to vote fourth quadrant may he like a go to e3 kiseop HR negatory kahoka he calls a point kiss quadrant make like a try Abdul appoint a media why negative 7 comma 7 schedule x-coordinate or y-coordinate of skip areia megabeth carry x-coordinate and negative or y-coordinate a positive so they take in miss Atkins accordant maybe like Erica 2 x coordinate negative yeah - second quadrant may yeah - third quadrant muhabba or y-coordinate positive a Jana key second quadrant me a point like Erica the chilli gel this is a plot curly to him to negative 4 and negative 5 negative 6 negative 7 ehah ehah jaga or me happy y coordinate 60 hop a 7-year huh between ho jayega to negative 7y happy or positive 7 y coordinate y Aniki yaha PE a point like her ego negative 7 comma 7 which would become the key second quadrant me he like awry jokey hummus key signs copy they k but a security of a sunny summer cheeky is job plane it was key budget limits a of sceeto you boundary him it anybody a yet home the a curry presentation Kiyosaki amorous clean my feet which I is qwop his direction may extend course acting he is direction Mary extended area sakte hai get an e do repai we just act the a lickin GOP point is Donald line key is region me hungee whoa first quadrant Kendra janky gob point in da no lines key is region key under hung he was second quadrant me ho jayegi Joby point is region may argue a third quadrant Mirage a key or Joby is region marrying you go fourth quadrant maja Jangi orange a coordinated key sign Jessica I'm nadie ha yah P [ __ ] three KC ho Changi